We are researchers at Charles University in Prague. We have created zIndex as a tool for benchmarking public procurement. You can use it to compare how well institutions manage public money.

No way! How does it work?

Our rating uses hard data about purchase contracts in past three years, with which we calculate 11 indicators covering various aspects of tender practice - for example, the level of competition, or how frequently tenders are cancelled (for details see Documentation). zIndex combines those 11 indicators into a single rating between 0 (worst) and 100 (best).

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zIndex does not measure corruption or wasteful behaviour, but a good zIndex score means there is less room for these practices. What we measure is adherence to best practice - as defined by a code of "good behaviour" as defined by OECD, the EU and Transparency International. A bad zIndex result does not necessarily reveal misconduct, but does imply that the buyer has deviated from best practice, which may require an explanation. Every buyer has the opportunity to provide those explanations directly via this website.

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zIndex is a non-governmental not-for-profit project, supported by the American Chamber of Commerce's Otakar Motejl Fund, Skanska and Ysoft. The Czech Credit Bureau provides us with our data. All donors committed to refrain from placing content-related conditions on their donations.

Our team

We are researchers at Charles University in Prague, who both know from experience what it is like to be a buyer or bidder in public procurement.

Jiří Skuhrovec is a programmer and economist, runs procurement market analyses for several major Czech institutions, also helps them with IT tender documentation. He leads several data-driven NGO projects, including zIndex.
Jan Soudek is an economist with experience as a researcher at CERGE-EI, and as a procurement auditor in Ernst & Young. He currently works as a costs and investment analyst for GE Money Bank. Jan is responsible for the methodology behind zIndex.

web - Jakub Krafka; data gathering and processing - Petr Jenček, Jan Hrubý, Tomáš Pošepný; PR - Štěpán Soukeník; extern Vojtěch Sedláček, Charles University students

Sweet, let me see the results!

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Our mission is to provide the public with a tool that regularly monitors public institutions' procurement procedures. zIndex is still far from presenting a complete image of public procurement practice, but makes a start by bringing key numbers into public debate. By doing so, it aims to motivate further efforts towards real improvement.

Sweet, let me see the results!

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