City parts • 2018

Městská část Brno - Komín

IČO 44992785

Small number of firms recieve most of contracts. The competition for contracts is high.


Bidder participation

Is the level of competition satisfactory?   detailed info 

average 42%
Largest contracts
Letní a zimní údržba komunikací, čištění ploch veřejného prostranství, blokové čištění komunikací a odstavných ploch v MČ Brno - Komín
Cleaning and sanitation services in urban or rural areas, and related services
Ø2 in industry
Údržba ploch veřejné zeleně v MČ Brno-Komín
Horticultural services
Ø5 in industry
Údržba ploch veřejné zeleně v MČ Brno-Komín

Ø5 in industry
Údržba ploch letní a zimní údržby komunikací v MČ Brno-Komín

Ø2 in industry

Winner concentration

Isn't majority of contracts awarded to small circle of firms?   detailed info 

average 63%
Largest suppliers Contracts count Contracts volume Kč
FALKY, spol. s r.o.
3 3,370,356
Dvořák Comte, a.s.
1 1,277,245

Pro-competitive tools

Does the buyer foster the competition by using the available tools?   detailed info 

average 65%
Tool Contracts count
Extended deadlines 50% (2 from 4)
Nonprice competition 0% (0 from 4)
Division into lots 0% (0 from 4)
E-auction 0% (0 from 4)
Innovative procedure 0% ( from 4)

Competitive contracting

How often does buyer use non-competitive procedures?   detailed info 

average 88%
No contracts in negotiated procedure without publication.

Consistent conduct

Does buyer discourage bidders by frequent competition cancellations or modifications?   detailed info 

average 76%
Type of flaw Result
Issued tenders without published result 0%
Cancelled contracts 0%
Average requirements modifications count 0

Journal data quality

Does buyer publish vital data in official journal?   detailed info 

average 89%
Type of flaw Contracts count
Bidders count not published 0% (0 from 5)
Final or estimated price not published 80% (4 from 5)
Procedure type not published 0% (0 from 5)
Missing supplier ID 0% (0 from 5)
Missing buyer ID 0% (0 from 5)
Wrong buyer name 0% (0 from 5)
Missing call for tenders 0% (0 from 5)
Missing winning price 0% ( from 5)
Contract modification by more than 50 % 0% ( from 5)

Buyer profile data quality

Does the buyer profile fulfill the legal requirements?   detailed info 

average 33%
Check Result
Is the buyers website consistent with central procurement registry? 80% (contracts)
Are there obvious flaws or inconsistencies within the data? 1.40 (average mistakes per contract)
Are small scale tenders published on a buyer profile? (Compared to quantity of 5 tenders under the law)
0-250K 0 tenders
250K-500K 0 tenders
500K-1000K 0 tenders
1000K+ 0 tenders