State-owned enterprises • 2015

Čd Cargo, a.s.

IČO 28196678

Buyer has seriously violated procurement law. Relatively small fraction of purchases is spent according to law.

Bidder participation

Is the level of competition satisfactory?   detailed info 

average 52%
Largest contracts
zpětný leasing modernizovaných HV řady 363.5 - (3.tranše)
Finanční leasing
Ø1 in industry
Zpětný leasing modernizovaných HV řady 363.5
Finanční leasing
Ø1 in industry
zpětný leasing modernizovaných HV řady 363.5
Finanční leasing
Ø1 in industry
Nájem železničních nákladních vozů řady Fal(l)s a/nebo Fal(l)ns
Železniční nákladní vozy
Ø1 in industry
Nájem nákladních vozů řady Eas/Eaos/Eanos
Služby železniční dopravy
Ø2 in industry

Winner concentration

Isn't majority of contracts awarded to small circle of firms?   detailed info 

average 62%
Largest suppliers Contracts count Contracts volume Kč
Raiffeisen - Leasing, s.r.o.
1 862,073,013
Sg Equipment Finance Czech Republic s.r.o.
1 840,583,224
Čsob Leasing, a.s.
1 800,560,585
Tss Cargo a.s.
2 433,432,928
Kooperativa pojišťovna, a.s., Vienna Insurance Group
3 109,513,000
Other suppliers 17 275,533,017

Public procurement share on total purchases

What fraction of purchases was made under procurement law?   detailed info 

average 67%
Purchases Volume (Kč)
Public procurement 3,702,090,847
Unregulated purchases 24,241,112,653
Total 27,943,203,500

Competitive contracting

How often does buyer use non-competitive procedures?   detailed info 

average 73%
Reason for negotiated procedure without publication
Price (Kč)
Revizní opravy 120 nákladních železničních vozů řady Rils roce 2012“
Jediný dodavatel (technické důvody)
DISC - modul KANGO
Not disclosed
Not disclosed
Provozní informační systém - modul optimalizace (PRIS)
Not disclosed
Not disclosed
DISC - modul Prognózy
Not disclosed
Not disclosed

Consistent conduct

Does buyer discourage bidders by frequent competition cancellations or modifications?   detailed info 

average 59%
Type of flaw Result
Issued calls without published result 3%
Cancelled contracts 17%
Average requirements modifications count 0.59

Journal data quality

Does buyer publish vital data in official journal?   detailed info 

average 76%
Type of flaw Contracts count
Bidders count not published 0% (0 from 28)
Final or estimated price not published 50% (14 from 28)
Procedure type not published 0% (0 from 28)
Missing supplier ID 11% (3 from 28)
Missing buyer ID 0% (0 from 28)
Wrong buyer name 0% (0 from 28)
Call and award notices contradict each other 11% (3 from 28)
Missing call for tenders 14% (4 from 28)

Buyer profile data quality

Does the buyer profile fulfill the legal requirements?   detailed info 

average 36%
Check Result
Is the buyers website consistent with central procurement registry? 25% (contracts)
Are there obvious flaws or inconsistencies within the data? 1.22 (average mistakes per contract)

Supplier rating

Do the risky firms win frequently?   detailed info 

average 88%
Type of flaw Contracts count
Supplier founded less than 180 days before contract award 0% (0 from 28)
Supplier with over 75 % of turnover from public procurement 0% (0 from 28)
Subcontractor share above 50 % 0% (0 from 28)
Supplier demise shortly after contract 0% (0 from 28)
Supplier bankruptcy 0% (0 from 28)
Supplier donating to political party 0% (0 from 28)
Supplier did not publish financial results on time 14% (4 from 28)

Information provision

Has buyer answered our information request?   detailed info 

average 29%


Buyer responded within 15 days legal limit.